Honor View 10

Honor View 10

Honor View 10 variant with 8 GB RAM

Honor announced back in December 10View as a global version of the Fibilate, known as the Honor V10 in the Chinese market. Among the most important of using Mobile Phone Advantage The Honor subsidiary introduced the phone as a cheaper alternative to the Mate 10 series, which has an impressive 16MP + 20 MP b / w dual camera and a taller 5.99 “full view display. Previously it was offered with 4 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM, but today the company announced 8 GB

100 Days With Honor View 10: An Impossible But Reliable Partner

Honor View 10

A good battery

The battery in the View 10 doesn’t work miracles, but it works well and allows me to stay away from the charger for a day. Mobile Phone Disadvantages to do health and Ending Mobile Phone Disadvantages It is important to have a good partner with you without worrying about battery life. Supercharger charging offers a short-term solution when fast charging is required: up to half an hour may recharge the battery.

online Mobile Shopping Could Be As Big As Online Shopping. So if you use your smartphone primarily for WhatsApp, manage emails, listen to music on Spotify, party periodically, take pictures and selfies, short videos on YouTube and Facebook. Watch and use the Chromecast connection if you want to watch a TV series. For 10 makes a great company.

Honor EMUI 8: Certainly not the evolution we were expecting:

Honor View 10

HONOR View 10: Smartphone for Selfies:

Honor View 10

This small camera in front of your HONOR smartphone practically triggered a revolution. Read on to know what the Honor Wave 10 smartphone is like for better selfies.iPhone HD Wallpapers
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Although a humble selfie is considered a modern concept, it does, in fact, have an old history. In the nineteenth century, photography pioneers were taking pictures.iPhoneXS Max Price Read our in-depth iPhoneXS review. However, at that moment, each picture took literally minutes. Nowadays, it really hurts our arms, so Honor has made it even faster than blinking in horrible selfies.

The future of selfies
With Wave 10, HONOR amazingly introduces the AI-driven portrait mode in their minds. It takes selfies like never before.iPhone 8 Plus price drop Test: How Durable it is You get instant touch-ups that make you feel like you’ve spent a week at a spa retreat, followed by one of Hollywood’s biggest makeup artists at your disposal. And will call for that day. Which looks good, don’t you think? And it certainly pushes any ancient average ‘in the rain at the local store’ selfie!

OnePlus launcher Adds Steps Counter in Latest Launcher Update. So, how does Honor View 10 pull off this magnificent feat? Well, it’s all underneath their modern AI processor, made in every Honor View 10, called the Kirin 970, which is best used for self-processing.iPhone Latest Model iPhone 11 Pro is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) mobile phone that accepts the Nano-SIM and ESIM. Using his tremendous power, the Honor Wave 10 can adjust itself at an incredible speed, in and around the surroundings to ensure that it takes the perfect selfie, no matter what you do. How did you get

And when you’re picking the perfect pose, this processor is making millions of calculations.iPhone Themes The article will show you 10 of the best iPhone themes Looking at the background, working out where you are in the frame, seeing what colors you are wearing and what the light looks like on you. Then, when you touch the button, it takes a snapshot and, using this analysis, adjusts every part of the image to make sure you come out with a million dollars.

But, of course! , There are some things that can’t make a wonderful, smartphone like the Honor View 10, as you can tell, standing in front of a sewer maintenance truck is not a good place! So, here are some tips for better selfies.

Build your brand  iPhone IMEI Checker Warranty Free IMEI Check
Think about what you are looking for: If you are unsure if you want to look stupid or smoking, your followers will not. Why not take both, then choose the best one?t’s behind you!
As mentioned, check the background: We’ve all seen awesome selfie memes on the web, so see what’s behind you (unless you want to blur the background, if you want to If you do not use, go ahead and skip this step!)

Rotate all the correct routes Oppo Wallpaper change the background, so please see our guide below.
If the sun is shining, that’s great. However, no one wants a light-eyed effect, so you can just stand on the edge of the sun and be a little behind you. No skiing and no finesse (as long as you like).

Method 1: Backup Honor View 10 photos to computer with the USB cable:

The most common way to transfer photos is to attach your Honor Honor View 10 to a computer, then copy the photo folders to the computer.iPhone 7 plus price to do check hardware and software That way only one USB cable is needed. Follow the steps below:

Honor View 10

Step 1: Connect the  Honor View 10 to your computer with a USB cable, and it will be recognized as a removable USB drive on your computer.

Step 2: If there is no popup message, you will need to scroll down the Notification panel from the top of your  Honor Wave 10 screen, then find the notification and select  Honor Wave 10 Media Device (MTP). As the roots

Step 3: After successfully connecting Honor Wave 10 to your computer. Open the entry and find the DCIM folder, where all the images are saved.

Step 4: By choosing and copying the photos you want to transfer your View of Honor 10 to your computer.

Ideal for concerts:

In these three months, I have brought the Wave 10 to several concerts with me. In the case of Depeche Mode and Franz Ferdinand, I am satisfied with the videos I shot during the show. The sound is clear and the same can be said about the photos, though in both cases I was not in the first row.

But not for photos at night (including selfies):

When the light is not good, the quality of the shots decreases. Honor 10 Lite price (3GB RAM) Price, Launch Offers. This results in fading shots and noise in the pictures. It is difficult to keep my hand moving without the use of a tripod, and personally I do not go around the city with a tripod in my bag.

Certainly, less smart shots are harder for all smartphones, but there are devices that can overtake others: for example, the Pixel 2 XL is one of them. And when it comes to cameras, the spread on the phone’s frame is really annoying. Without a cover, the edge of the lens will always show wearable marks.

Don’t be jealous of AI, you won’t feel it:

The Wave 10, like the previous Huawei Mate 10 Pro, adds a unit dedicated to artificial intelligence. The integrated NPU is basically visible when you use the camera: Once you identify an item, you can identify it and change the mode accordingly. All Nokia Service Center mobile phones are repaired with the help of modern software which is then returned to

But other than that, you won’t feel it for the last time. Don’t expect Bixby vision-style features where the camera also shows the name of the item and offers suggestions on where to buy it. After three months with the device, I just saw the AI in the Camera app’s icon.

Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, WiFi:

iPhone ringtone how to change your ringtone. View 10 has a standard radio setting. Bluetooth 4.2 managed to connect a range of radio headphones, headsets, speakers and other devices. Phone calls sounded good with traditional mono headsets and the music was nice when pushed to a Bluetooth speaker. The phone was a bit tight about pairing with my car, though once I found them on the same page, the calls seemed good.

I had no problem with GPS radio. It handles real-time navigation like a profession. Accuracy was as very good as 20 feet.NFC Radio work to adds some Bluetooth accessories and support to mobile play services like Google Pay. The dual-band Wi-Fi radio did an amazing job.


Honor sells for the US $ 10 to unlock 10 users. Like many unopened phones, it has basic support for American LTE bands. This includes key bands used by AT&T and T-Mobile (2, 4, 5, and 12). It has 29 and 30 bands for AT&T, and 66 and 71 bands for T-Mobile. Nokia 8110 4G is the latest legacy of the HMD Global but is it more than a remake of the This means that if you have congestion in the network you may not be able to get the precise speed available, nor the best service. I tested the Wave 10 on AT&T networks around New York and found that it was fine.

The Vivo latest model Vivo Z1 Pro packs a large screen with thin bezels. I’m sure a big display is professional. The phone manages to hang on the LTE 4G most of the time. I noticed that it drops several times on 3G and (“H” in AT&T Pearlins). The phone needed a moment or two to connect to the calls, and dropped something while going in the moving car. Data speed was usable. View 10 was decent at loading Instagram Stories, playing Google Play Music and joining my favorite Netflix show. I saw more buffering than I could care for and experienced some hiccups during playback. For a non-unlocked device, the Wave 10 works, and I think that could be a bit better.


Wave 10 is an amazingly good voice phone. Calls exploded on the air at frightening levels. You should know that you can keep the volume up to 60-60, even in semi-noisy places.iPhone check  Use device Of check its storage. If you visit 10 in its entirety, you will quickly discover that everyone around you can hear your entire conversation. Despite a full blast, the airspace does not hurt. The people I spoke to through Vue 10 said that I liked them.

The speakerphone is just as impressive. The speaker sounded good with firing on popping eyes. You can easily hear calls in cars, crowded offices and elsewhere that override other phones. Like the airspace, the speakerphone also maintains a clear sound even when fully configured. This is good news. Accordingly, Ringer and the warning sound too loud. The vibration alert is good enough.


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